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作品优信彩票版权 由The_Nine 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型优信彩票版权 归原作者所有。

当⼈们沉浸在享受优信彩票视频 的时光中,惊喜,陶醉,忧伤,恐惧,温暖,心碎…遗憾的是他们并不能看到自己的模样,更没有机会将这些动人的瞬间永久记录。



腾讯优信彩票视频 ,中国最大的在线优信彩票视频 媒体平台,每天超过1.5亿⼈次在这个平台上度过美好的时光。尽管稳居市场首位,腾讯优信彩票视频 仍希望以一种全新的方式与消费者深度沟通。

当⼈们沉浸在享受优信彩票视频 的时光中,惊喜,陶醉,忧伤,恐惧,温暖,心碎…遗憾的是他们并不能看到自己的模样,更没有机会将这些动人的瞬间永久记录。

优信彩票优信彩票我 们 创作了一场时光与记忆的艺术。在6M×6M的空间,内部360度环绕排布了66个3D摄像头,构建成一个神奇的VR 3D瞬间克隆舱。当观众走进来,通过腾讯优信彩票视频 ,选择自己喜欢的节目或电影。在忘情之时,那些摄像头会在0.1秒瞬间启动,捕捉下他们转瞬即逝的神情,由云计算电脑转换成3D数据。许多观众参与了这次与时光的互动,最终优信彩票优信彩票我 们 选择了39组真情流露的瞬间,把他们的3D数据打印成雕塑,分别封闭在1.2米高的沙漏中,一座座白色雕像,宛如上端白色沙粒流淌凝结而成,整齐排列形成一个长60米高2.5米的巨型装置,通过科技与艺术的手法将美好时光凝固了下来。

凝固好时光项目分别在优信彩票上海 喜马拉雅与优信彩票北京 三里屯展出,记录活动优信彩票视频 获7400万点击量。

As the largest live streaming social media platform in China, Tencent Video is always looking to communicate with consumers with new ways.

We noticed that these people may never see themselves when they are buried deeply into the plot displayed by one small screen. Surprised, indulging, wretched, scared, moved, heartbroken… all these touching moments never had a chance to be captured for eternity.

We created a tangible and accessible journey of moments and memories. In a 6M x 6M space, 66 panoramic 3D cameras were scattered around andformed a magical VR 3D cloning space.When an audience walked into the space, he could pick a favourite movie or show on Tencent Video and watch it. These cameras were able to capture even the slightest motion of the audience within a split second.

Then the appearance of the audience and the cherished moment would be converted into 3D data by cloud computing.In the end, 39 moments were selected from thousands of unique expressions, and were 3D-printed into white sculptures, as if they were congealed white sand from the upper part and sealed in the lower half of the hourglasses, symbolizing the frozen moment could be cherished forever. These hourglasses were 1.2 meters in height and were displayed in a large installation 60 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height. Thus, with the combination of technology and art, the great moments may last forever.

The ‘Great Moments Can Last’ campaign was launched in both Shanghai and Beijing.
To date 2.8 million people have seen the installation in person.
The video recording this project has attracted over 72.78 million hits on internet.
Over 122 million views on social media.

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